By the grace of the Shining One, I have seen what is to come…

Kybal the Scaled and his draconic minions terrorize the south Elsir Vale, slaughtering the helpless and kidnapping those skilled with blade or spell.

The earth trembles as the goblin tribes of the Wyrmsmoke Mountains come together under a new warlord. Their battle cries echo through the night, and become louder and louder with every passing day.

The Ghost Lord of the Thornwaste has been angered, and his terrible magics reek further havoc on a land already decaying. His judgement will be harsh, and his wrath, swift.

The elves of the Blackfens have gone east to their ancestral home of Mithlor, and the prophesied Final Days of the Elves may be coming to pass.

And worst yet, dragons have returned to Thernes, and many have made home within the Elsir Vale itself.

By the grace of the Shining One, I have seen what is to come. By the light of the Sun, by the radiance of Pelor, I know that these are the waning years of the Age of Men, and that we are not prepared.

- Tharren Antares, Shining Servant of Pelor

13th of the Melting, Year 1185 of the Age of Men

The Legend of the Four Companions

Dragon fight knight by fajrul19 Tadhg Fflewdyr Levitacus akaFluffy