Kybal the Scaled

A powerful sorcerer and menace to the people of Elsir Vale


Kybal the Scaled is a young man. His head is shaved and his face is clean shaven, but he has an abstract tattoo that covers a small part of the right side of his face. He wears an odd assortment of crimson-dyed clothing and brown leather belts wrapped around his legs, torso, and left arm.

Kybal the Scaled has been said to appear covered in the scales of a red dragon.


Originally known by his real name, Thaim Kybal, Kybal the Scaled was at one time renowned throughout the Elsir Vale as a respectable sorcerer and scholar of draconic lore. He has since turned to terrorism, sending his minions to raid caravans and settlements. Currently hiding out in Dracinth Fort.

Kybal the Scaled

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